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Rwanda Conservation Areas

The Interesting Rwanda Safari Tour

Rwanda is known as one of the east and central African countries to conserve wildlife. Wildlife conservation deals with protecting rare species such as plants, animals and their habitats in there national setting.

It ensures that nature will be available for future generations to enjoy and know the importance of wildlife and wilderness lands to human.

In Rwanda there are three designated conservation areas established as national parks such as;

Nyungwe Forest National Park;

The heart of Nyungwe Forest is like a scene from a fairy tale. Find various species of trees like the old mahoganies and giant tree ferns towers above you.

Brightly colored birds flitting around, butterflies everywhere including a variety of primate such as chimpanzees, baboons etc for which Nyungwe National park is renowned.

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Akagera national park is a little piece of heaven in North Eastern Rwanda. It is dominated by swamps and small lakes with flow in the of river Kagera.

All the water sources work together to create a piece of spectacular scenery.  The park contains typical savanna animals such as giraffes, elephants, warthogs, various species of antelopes, birds to mention but a few.

Volcanoes national park is the most popular protected area and the focus of most Rwanda safari tours.

It is a home to world’s largest number of mountain gorillas which live in a protected area, free from poachers.

The gorillas can be viewed in their natural mountain habitats at a fairly close range and the park also has a variety of birds and butterflies.

Rwanda also has over four game reserves.

To add on that there also forest reserves in Rwanda these include Gishwati Forest Reserve, Mukura Forest Reserve, Busaga Forest Reserve and Buhanga forest and gallery forest in the eastern province.

Uganda safaris also such as Gorilla trekking in Uganda Bwindi impenetrable has these and lots of tourists attractions which bring many foreign tourists to the country.

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