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Have You Been Wondering Why Gorilla Trekking is Expensive?

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Why is Gorilla Trekking Expensive in Rwanda?

Have you been wondering why gorilla trekking is expensive?

An encounter with mountain gorillas in their natural habitat is undeniably among the most expensive venture on African safaris.

Thousands of travelers have taken part in the life-changing Gorilla tracking in Rwanda Volcanoes National Park and Uganda gorilla safaris while others hope to come in the near future.

uganda safari toursDespite the experience that gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda comes along with; the activity is undeniably for the rich. In Rwanda, a single gorilla permit costs 1500usd for an hour’s interaction with the gorillas and 600usd in Uganda.

This surely indicate that, the activity is not for the poor. This money is paid throughout the year regardless of the season and Rwanda’s case its paid by all people regardless of one’s nationality.

The high rates for permits are associated with limiting the demand to the available gorilla permits so as to avoid over exploitation and exceeding the carrying capacity of gorilla in Virunga national park and other gorilla parks in east Africa.

Mountain gorillas are prone to human diseases. Therefore, expensive gorilla permits save mountain gorillas from getting deadly human diseases that can be caused by too much crowds in the jungle since gorilla trekking in Rwanda or gorilla trekking in Uganda is a dream for most travelers and hence high demand for the permits limits them.

Due to poaching and human encroachment on the gorilla habit, gorilla permits are charged high so as to use part of the contribution for conservation of gorilla habitat.

Since mountain gorillas are endangered species in the world, mountain gorillas require continuous monitoring to ensure they are safe.

Therefore, part of money collected in gorilla permits is used to pay people who monitor the wellbeing of mountain gorillas.

Contribution from Rwanda gorilla safari tours, is an indirect source of local livelihood for the communities adjacent to gorilla national parks. Rwanda government shares 10% of the revenue earned to local communities to improve their standards of living.

Have you been wondering why gorilla trekking is expensive? Uganda safari news.

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