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A Safari to Rwanda on Lake Kivu – Rwanda Safari News

Encountered on a Safari to Rwanda, Lake Kivu is considered to be one of the Great Lakes of the African continent.

This 1042 square miles, 480m deep lake lies on the border between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda, and is in the Albertine Rift, the western branch of the East African Rift.

Lake Kivu in Rwanda is famously known as the Best Place to relax in Rwanda. After all the adventurous activities such as gorilla trekking in Rwanda, golden monkey tracking and hiking the volcano mountain ranges, you need a place to relax; Lake Kivu is the perfect place for that.

There is no better place to visit in in this country as you end your safari in Rwanda. At this point, one can swim, chill on the sandy beaches of Lake Kivu and enjoy in the serene environment of this country.

If you are not so much exhausted from other activities, you can still take on a nature walk, bird watching either by boat or on land, explore some islands and the nearby hot springs.

There are a number of hotels to enjoy ranging from budget, mid-range to up-market Rwanda safari lodges and hotels.

There are several lakes in East Africa but you cannot swim in most of them. Lake Kivu is not only lake where you can relax, but you can swim in this Lake.

The lake is free of hippos, crocodiles and no Bilharzia found in Lake Kivu making it the perfect for swimming.

The temperature of the Lake waters is not too cold which makes it perfect to dive in get refreshed and if you love swimming in a pool, the safari hotels and lodges in this area have swimming pools.

There are a variety of water sports to enjoy in Lake Kivu as one can go sailing, kayaking, boat riding, sport fishing, water-skiing and many more.

Lake Kivu is widely famous in Rwanda and loved by most past visitors on Rwanda safaris as a place for excellent water based experiences.

While at Lake Kivu, you can enjoy a half day or full day hiking, nature walk and bike rides. One can go hiking or biking on the newly developed Nile-Congo trails.

You can as well go on village walks, do cultural tours and interact with the local people and learn a bit about their daily life and if you are one of the coffee lovers around the world, you too will enjoy a traditional coffee Tour on your visit to Lake Kivu.

A half day excursion includes a boat trip on Lake Kivu to Nyamirundi Island where get to learn and take part in coffee making from crop to cup.

The washing of the coffee beans is done at the Gashashi washing station, and then coffee beans are dried, roasted and grounded as you get to taste the finished product.

Do not hesitate to buy some and take it home with you, it will remind you of your Rwanda safari experience every time you take a coffee cup.

The Imbabazi Orphanage was started by Rosamond Carr who lived in Mugongo area for many years. It is here that she started a flower garden that they supplied to hotels with fresh flowers in Kigali.

She was close friend of Diane Fossey the conservationist. Rosamond Carr died in 2006 but her memory still lives on with in the colored flower farms and Imbabazi Foundation work with children.

Rwanda safari travelers can stroll through this English Garden, enjoy the scenic views of the Volcanoes, learn about Rosamond Carr’s life and her friendship with Diane Fossey, enjoy lunch and be entertained by the Imbabazi orphanage dancers.

There are several things to see at Lake Kivu although the above are a few of them. Add Lake Kivu to your Rwanda safari itinerary and you will discover the exciting things it has to offer and Self Drive Car Hire Rentals are available in Rwanda to take you around to take you around.

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