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A Great Experience with Sabinyo Gorilla Group- Rwanda safari

Have You Visited Sabinyo Gorilla Group in Rwanda?

If you need to increase your bucket list, include a Rwanda safari tour there because it is a surely a once in a life time experience that you can never forget.

Among the 10 habituated mountain gorilla groups in volcano national park, find the great Sabinyo group that will be introduced to you during the briefing by park warden.

Never the less, more of other habituated groups in volcano national park that visitors can trek included, Susa, Titus, Amahoro, Hirwa, Ugenda, Bwenge, Kwitonda, Umubano and lastly the karisimbi group and hiking time normally varies depending on which group one may need to trek and the one trackers may allocate first although visitor are allowed to spend exactly one hour while with gorillas.

Sabinyo group of gorillas comprises of 9 members that are frequently found in the gentle foothills of Mt. sambinyo and Mt gahinga.

Sabinyo group is one of the closest groups normally found at the edges of the park therefore it can be easily accessed and allocated to gorilla trekkers by trackers.

Sabinyo group of gorillas is an impressive family that everybody going for a Gorilla safari in Rwanda/ Rwanda safari would wish to visit.

Interesting activities like hiking in the dense vegetation and forested slopes of Mt sabinyo and Gahinga that gives you an unforgettable experience about gorilla. You can get a chance of seeing other primates in the forest like the golden monkeys.

It takes about 1-2 hours to trek this particular group. It is really an exciting group to observe for a short time of just one hour.

Sabinyo group is led by the dominant silverback which is the oldest, biggest and stronger compared to the other two silver backs and other gorillas in the group.

It has got 3 female mountain gorillas with 2 youthful mountain gorillas and a young mountain gorilla. Don’t miss out on this amazing beautiful experience to observe each one of these gorillas.

While on your Uganda Gorilla tracking safari to Bwindi impenetrable forest, there a fewer or no chances of finding Sabinyo gorilla group in the forest.

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