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The Wonders of Nyungwe National Park-Rwanda safari tours

Besides visiting Rwanda’s famous Gorilla tracking in Rwanda volcanoes national park/ Uganda gorilla tracking tour, explore Nyungwe National Park’s amazing waterfalls, orchids and butterflies.

Nyungwe Forest National Park is found in the South Western part of Rwanda. It is bordered by the Rwanda-Burundi border in the South. It is Rwanda’s largest water catchment area and its home to 2/3rds of all Rwanda’s water.

Nyungwe is not a compact park but large forest and the things to do and see here are so many that your time on the safari is not wasted with drive times. Find over 300 different bird species, many butterflies, orchids, monkey tracking and chimpanzee.

The park is also with its countless natural wonders and it should not be missed if you are coming to Rwanda. Let it be one of those items to add to your mountain gorilla tracking in Rwanda.

This national park is also a hiker’s paradise. Visitors can spend a good week as they are hiking the many trails in the park, exploring the ancient rainforest and discovering many habitants found in the forest.

The private hikes are also from one to eight hours in length and most of them can also be completed in case you are in reasonable physical shape.

Nyungwe Forest park hiking is the best time of seeing the original rain forest that so amazing to visitors with its stories such as appearance, wildlife, birds, primates, plants, flowers, butterflies and the trees.

Uganda gorilla safaris will also expose you to more and more of these in Uganda’s rain forests.

Experience the wonders of Nyungwe National Park-Uganda safari/Rwanda safari news.


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