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All Roads Lead To Rwanda for Our Tour in Rwanda

Excitement woke me up as early as 5 am in the morning. Of course, this was earlier than usual. With all my excitement, I rushed to the bathroom for a quick bath.

Immediately after the bath, I started sorting my clothes that I was going to use during my trip to Rwanda, ironed them and packed them together with my accessories in my travel bag pack. I left my house for work as early as 6:30 am so I could finish all my daily work on time.

I arrived at the office at around 7:00 am. I switched on my computer so I could get started just like any normal day.

I was unsettled for sure, all I was thinking about was my journey, I was really excited to have a chance to visit Rwanda.

We all started imaging what would happen on our way. We kept making fun of each other all day.

My other two colleagues kept checking if their travel documents (passports) were still safe.

To be sure, I had to check my wallet if my National ID was there, unfortunately, it was nowhere to be found. I had forgotten it in one of my handbags.

At 1 pm, I rushed home with a boda to pick my ID. After acquiring it, I then calmed down because I was sure I will cross.

Our day ended at around 6:30 pm. We then started packing things we needed for our tour in Rwanda. We sat and waited for our driver in excitement.

Put our bags out at the lounge and said goodbye to those that were staying around. Our Uganda, Rwanda safari driver arrived at around 8 pm.

We were more than excited, packed our bags and other luggage in the car and set off in our 4×4 safari jeep. I was extremely excited when the gate closed. This was my first assurance that I was really gone now.

On our way for our Rwanda tour, everyone first got cautious of what they will have for supper, we joined brained and decided to pass by Seguku for some quick foods.

We stocked enough in the car and set off. We used the Entebbe expressway to Busega where we finally joined the Kampala-Masaka-Mbarara-Kabale high way, a road that leads us Rwanda. Being night, we didn’t have jam issues.

We kept awake because of excitement, we kept on making fun of ourselves but at around 11 am, I had started dozing off because this is usually my sleeping time.

We made a stop at Masaka commonly known as welcome so the driver would refresh.

Everyone was tired. We started debating on where to spend the night, some preferred Kabale others Mbarara.

The final vote was Mbarara. From Masaka, we now had about two more hours to get to Mbarara. Our driver Robert was steady and fast, we finally got there arriving at around 2 pm.

We got our Uganda safari accommodation hotels in Mbarara, refreshed and slept. I spent my night at Hotel Kash Mbarara, one of the midrange hotels in Uganda.  

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