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The Answer Took Longer Than I Expected; Unveiling My Trip To Rwanda

As we closed September, my boss gave us a proposal about travelling to Rwanda for a Rwanda tour as a group because there was an opportunity for us to travel on the 5th October 2019.

Seeking for our opinion about this Rwanda safari, I was already excited so I hurriedly said YES! You may be wondering why?

The answer is, as personnel working in Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd, one Africa’s prominent Africa safari tour operators; I knew it was going to be a life-changing experience for me about Rwanda as a one-stop Africa safari destination.

But I never wanted to be very excited because we had to seek approval from the Director. Oh my God! I had to say lots of silent prayers so I am among those approved to go this tour in Rwanda.

My Pre-Trip to Rwanda

I became anxious though a little stuck because I had said yes yet I had no passport.

The only travel document I had with me was a National ID (Uganda). Rwanda being a strict country, I was not certain I would cross the border without a passport.

I started struggling to get one but all in vain, I tried to outsource money so I could process an express passport but all in vain.

I felt ill because I was the only one in office without a passport. Shame on you! Was the song of the day sung in office by my workmates. Intimidation too was the order of the day.

We are going to leave you at the border point if you’re not allowed to cross to Rwanda with your National ID, said one of my workmates.

I lost hope and left other rest to God until one of our Uganda safari guides gave me confidence that I will be let in.

He gave me his word because he too didn’t have a passport but I was certain he crosses because he has done several Uganda Rwanda safari tours for our clients.

He took me through the whole procedure of crossing to Rwanda without a passport. He put a smile on my face. Confidence in me arose.

The only thing I was left with now was a yes from the Director. Oh my God! We waited but the answer took longer than we thought. Our trip to Rwanda was slated for 5th October 2019.

1st October passed, there was no answer! 2nd October came, still no answer! 3rd October, it was now getting late!

Chei! It was now 4th October, I made sure I report very early for work this day, to catch the big man before he goes anywhere. To my disgrace, I didn’t spot him anywhere!

I felt bad, I kept quiet, got serious with my work so I could collect my feelings together, I mean back to normal again.

At around 9:30 am this day, my boss comes in, she then greets us as usual with a smiley face.

I started panting, waiting for her next word! I was forced to turn and looked at her so that she has mercy on me.

After organizing her table, she walked towards us, saying Good News!! Hooooo!, my pressure arose, I didn’t expect myself on the list of those going.

I talked to the Director, but it was hard to convince him, she said. All our joy was buried, work moods dropped.

Even after delivering the sad news, she kept standing next to us. And he said “IT’S OKAY” she screamed. Jesus Christ, this marked the rebirth of my joy!

Couldn’t wait for tomorrow. I got to my desk, ensured I do all as required to do so my trip was not cancelled.

Rwanda, Kigali was the talk of the day in office. We all couldn’t stop imagining how the trip will be. Excitement got more serious each hour that went by, my neighbour kept typing Rwanda in his work, and we couldn’t stop laughing.

My day closed at around 7 pm, rushed home to pack my travel bag as well as get ready for the journey.

5th October; All Roads Lead to Rwanda! – I will publish my day one on Monday, 14th October

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